Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nilsson Surrenders Smith

Since I can't post images in a comment...   I have fond memories of listening to complaining about Disintegration, and I find the hits very satisfying, but I had a number of other feelings while listening to this album.
1. It struck me as very 80's sounding.  Duran Duran 80's.   Nothing wrong with Duran though.
2. It didn't hold up nearly as well as I thought it would.  Mind you, I probably have only listened to this album twice since I was last in Andrew's bedroom, so maybe I just think Andrew's room was awesome (it was).
3. Please reference the photo above.  I'm not as excited as Robert is about his new pedals.
4. This album is still waaaay better than the Eagles Live album I made Andrew listen to.  I am _really_ sorry about that... asshattery at it finest.

Nilsson on the other hand, I really enjoyed.  This album is new to me, and I can guarantee I will listen to it more than twice in the next week.
The one thing I thought of while listening to it was that this is the reason I enjoy the death matches.  I always find something I needed to hear. (much like all of you will think when you listen to Duff McKagan).

Nilsson takes it.

Nilsson Sings Newman - Harry Nilsson vs. The Cure - Disintegration


Looks like another interesting match up.  Votes due by the wee hours of the night between Monday and Tuesday (Central Mountain Time).