Friday, January 24, 2014

Head and the Heart - Head and the Heart vs. PJ Harvey - Let England Shake


You can still vote for that last one, but I'm going to keep this moving.


  1. pj, extra points too, for not having a creepy cover.

  2. PJ Harvey, but I do wanna say that thumbs up to tH&H too.

  3. I don't know if you guys are aware, but The Head and the Heart is actually a concept album about the war of 1812 (little known fact). So, it's basically just like PJ, except they bothered to write some actual songs here. BOOM!

  4. Hey Songwriters! There's a war on now. Or a couple. Maybe more. Those too boring for you? No muskets? No gunpowder? Ok.

    I vote Polly Jean Harvey.

  5. I really got into Pink Floyd's The Final Cut (a anti-war album mostly dealing with Britain in WWII and Falklands). I was learning guitar when I was listening to it, so I learned the chords for a couple of the songs and would croon them sincerely when no one else was around.

    Over time I've stopped listening to it because of the gradual realization that I'm not British. Also: The sentiments expressed (guns/nukes/dictators/imperialism are bad!) are harder-hitting but seem regrettably simpler than the truth.

    I think Let England Shake is a much more interesting album than The Head and the Heart, and so I'm going to vote for it. But I worry that in the future I'll notice that I'm not British, and that the sentiments are unsubtle/unambiguous.