Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Walkmen - Lisbon vs. The National - Trouble Will Find Me

Okay, so I just put up like five or six match-ups to make up for lost time.  So, you know, go ahead and vote for them in any order whenever you like in the next couple weeks.  Then, it's just a few more, faster rounds, and we'll be done--it's time to do this people.


  1. Ah craps! I thought this was the same band. Which one is which again?

  2. Grrrrrr Joe. The National is like, way better than The Walkmen.

  3. The Walkmen. The other one is like non-ironic Barenaked Ladies or something.

  4. Oh yeah. The Walkman. I like em. Sufjan's buddies. I hear they were on SNL last night.
    I vote for them.
    Still don't like that cover though.

    1. Umm. I think The National dudes are Sufjan's buddies. But then, maybe he's just real friendly.

    2. HOLD IT! I have a serious dyslexia problem going.....or something like that. This round and last round. OK, I meant I vote for the NATIONAL, not the other guys, got that ref?? What??? The Brooklyn band not the Manhattan band. What band is from Manhattan anymore anyways Walkman!
      I vote the NATIONAL! (The one with the head in the mirrored mouse hole).